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A Washington Park Renovation

Here we have a beautiful home we renovated in the Washington Park neighborhood in Winston Salem. The homes in this neighborhood were mostly built in the 1920s. The construction industry has come a long ways in 100 years, but the bones of these house remain strong.

This couple had a vision for what this home could be with some TLC. They contacted our team to transform the hall, kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen was completely gutted and is now a space where people can gather and eat, cook and live life. Everything and we mean everything was replaced. Check out a few pictures of the before & after process!

Just like the kitchen, we completely renovated the bathroom to make it more functional and bring it up to 2020 standards for comfort and beauty.

The hallway received removal of wallpaper (whew! that stuff is stubborn!) which was replaced with a fresh coat of paint after some light wall repair. We also updated the door which, while solid had seen better days. Finally, we replaced the flooring to round out the project. The results went from dated to clean!

The team and I enjoyed working on this beautiful old home and enjoyed bringing a modern touch without losing the 1920s charm.

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